Our Values

Anglicare Sydney exists to meet the material, social, emotional and spiritual needs of those who come to us for support and assistance.  We acknowledge that each person is created by God, and in serving we disregard any racial, cultural, socio-economic, and man-made barriers that divide us from each other. Our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to act with compassion, support those who are ageing and be a voice for and assist the vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged in the wider community.

Our Vision

Jesus Christ honoured, lives enriched and communities strengthened

Our Mission

'Serving people in need, enriching lives, sharing the love of Jesus.'

Our Values

We exist to share the love of Jesus and value all people as made in the image of the living God. Our faith gives us meaning, purpose, direction and hope as we seek to live lives pleasing to God. This inspires us to act with:


We are honest and transparent in the way we treat others and actively promote a culture of trust and respect.


We seek fairness, equity and inclusion for all people, regardless of who they are. We honour and uphold the right to dignity and an enriched life.


We put empathy into action, connecting with individuals by seeking to understand their feelings, thoughts, needs and experiences.


We seek to exceed the expectations of those we serve and achieve the highest standards in all we do.

Statement of purpose

We exist to serve people in need in our community, enrich lives and share the love of Jesus.

We hold true to our Christian motivation while responding to meet the changing needs of our community.

We seek to promote and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as we love and serve those who are ageing, vulnerable or marginalised; respecting and valuing every person as made in the image of the living God.

We offer life-enriching care and compassion for each person, meeting material, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

In partnership with parishes and others, we provide a range of services that promotes dignity, safety, participation and wellbeing for people in their relationships, homes and communities.